Black Coffee

Experiencing a night of Black Coffee DJ is unique and mystical. Seamlessly blending soulful & Afro House beats and vibes. You can find yourself throughout the night, with your eyes closed, while your body moves to the direction of the music, almost in a hypnotic state. This is the place that only an amazing DJ can take you. Who is Back Coffee, and where the hell does this guy come from? the answer is nothing short of an inspiring journey of believing in your dreams and overcoming all adversities to reach a place different than where you are! 

Black Coffee aka Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo was born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal on the East Coast of Africa. Music was a driving force for Maphumulo, as he had an uncle that would share Ragay music with him, which left a lasting impression on the young Maphumulo. His family moved to the rural township of Mthatha when he was 12 years old. These became the formable years, in which music became an escape from a place that everything felt so far away. Maphumulo spent every available moment dedicated to learning about music.

Tragedy struck during 1990 during a celebration of the release of Nelson Mandela celebration, when a car accidentally struck a crowded group during the celebration, and Maphumulo was one of the victims of the incident. Maphumulo was struck, leaving nerve damage of his left arm, resulting in the total loss of its use. However, this has not stopped him from seeking his dreams.

Knowing his music was the answer to his dreams, so Maphumulo returned to Durban to study music at Durban University of Technology with a major in Jazz. He felt that to become a producer, you need to have a complete understanding, and well-rounded knowledge of different types of music. During this time, he and some schoolmates formed an Afro-pop trio. However, it was with a program with Red Bull Music Academy, in which he was chosen to participate that helped jump-start his career into the dance music scene with his debut release of “Happiness” and Black Coffee the artist had emerged.

The success of Black Coffee is attributed not only to his talent, but holding to his vision, He never sought the limelight, or be a superstar, or regarded as a national role model. Instead, we see someone who dared to dream and took a step in its pursuit despite the obstacles. Over the past 10 years, he continues working his honed craft, with numerous remix projects and releases under his label Soulistic Music. Black Coffee is a resident DJ in Ibiza as well as being a world touring DJ.

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