Helping Those without a voice with Music!

Hello, Robert Kechter here, of Next Music USA. Those who know me, are aware that I am a huge animal lover. My partner and I have 4 rescue dogs and a cat which we spoil rotten. However, there is still a great number of these beautiful creatures that are not as fortunate as our’s or yours. So we at Next Music USA are looking to make a difference through music, to help curb the horrendous abuse in China!

China and other Asian countries have a long hideous practice of brutality and treatment of both stare dogs and cats, for human consumption. Family pets are stolen for this legal Dog and Cat market. Shamefully, these creatures are not shown dignity or respect but are commonly butchered alive, with the belief that the more pain the animal endures, will add greater flavor to the meat. It’s, horrific, it’s deplorable and it’s wrong!!!

This Must Stop!!!
Music is the answer and we can play a part in both helping to stop this barbaric treatment and help recovered dogs and cats that escaped this Hell!!!

In doing our part, we have now dedicated our current release of “Hold Me Forever” to this cause! All proceeds from our retail partners will be donated to two amazing organizations that face this issue every day, collectively they have saved thousands of Dog and Cats, treating them and finding loving homes that they deserve.

Donations will be made to The Soi Dog Foundation (Thailand) and The Animal Wellness Foundation (USA)

Let’s make a difference on the dance floor and saving precious lives, together we can do this!

Thank you for your time and please consider either making a direct donation or play “Hold Me Forever” as a message to the universe. I felt this the time and a way that I could help, I hope you will too!


Robert Kechter
Next Music USA

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