Saladin, the Chicago Boss of Future Bass!

Chicago has a long rooted history in Dance Music. Known as the birthplace of House Music. A new sound is steaming from the city, is the new generation of house music, steaming out from the Chicago underground, is is the sound of Future Bass and leading the movement is the new Boss of the city, Saladin.

Saladin has been one of Chicago’s leading Taste-makers of the electronic music, Iconic Underground Magazine once dubbed Saladin as “Chicago’s Ghetto Rock Star” a title and persona fitting for the talent that has been driving the beats and sound that have been propelling this talent form the underground crossing over with a global presence.

Saladin has bundled his efforts with the creation of Phunk Junk Records, creating a label as a platform for other up and coming Electronic Music producers, building an ever-increasing presence on Beatport charts.

Festivals on the horizon with his upcoming DJ performance Jun 9th at Spring Awakening Music Festival, sharing the main stage with the likes of Benny Benassi, MartinGarrix and Dillion Francis.

With the constant presence on Beatport charts and with his own releases and being picked up by Hardwell’s imprint Revealed all prove that Saladin is not up and coming, but here and set the course of the new course of EDM, with a new Boss leading the way!

Like to gain a taste, take a listen!

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