The Social Media Game

It’s a global world. How you present yourself on Social Media is now more important than ever. Today the mindset of acting locally and thinking globally could not be further from the truth. When you are looking at getting booked at the bigger clubs, submit a remix or getting your music signed to a label, the last thing you want to bite you in the ass is your Social Media. Social Media has become a major index for industry decision makers.

Here is an example: A new DJ act which was signed to a legendary label last year and released two tracks, attends Miami Music Week. There post where filled with photos on the beach, drinks in their hands and selfies with top names. All these posts gained a lot of likes with their friends back home. “Living the life”! During a Facebook Live post of a DJ event which is heavy industry attended. Instead of showing off their skills in the booth, they did shout outs. You can hear them saying “Bro I need another drink” a shout out to their manager and telling an artist “Yo, where playing your track”.

This same duo even goes on to post that they were having a conversation with a named producer not knowing who he was and when asked what kind of music you do, they replied the producer’s name, and say they do it better.  According to their Social Media activities during MMW these guys where clearly in Miami to the party, being big shots and not looking to expand their career was clearly the agenda.

However, they are no longer signed to their label, but they looked cool to their hometown, which they will be superstars in the local clubs, which there is nothing wrong with that, our world needs good party DJ’s that keep local clubs popping. The moment and opportunities that they held, have slipped away, clearly visible with there own doing with the help of Socal Media.

One always needs to keep in mind, with Socal Media, we are showing the world who we are. If your goals are to create followers and likes while appeasing your home town, the results are more then likely you will stay in the same place.

The fine line is being local while presenting yourself globally, with fewer postings and more effective posts, concentrating on brand building. Thinking with each post, “Who is going to see this, who do I want to see this?” should be the first thought, second “What effect or outcome do I want?” Rather than posting a Mixcloud mix form the local club,  step out and post a set that shows your diversity of music, playing music that your not only passionate about but what no one would expect from you.

Show support to artist, producers, and labels. Reshare with your positive and informative thoughts, within Indie space. You want this group to see your support, you want to show your fanbase your in the know, and they are getting turn on to something new form you!

IM people you admire or hope to work with, think clearly before hitting send. Do not send them a message as if you’re a fan, your not a nutcase. Just be respectful and professional, thoughtful and clear with what you-er messaging. More often then you would think, you may get a reply, which could open a door.

Your endgame is to use Social Media as a tool, to build your presence, open opportunities, and most of all, collecting information. Think and use Social Media smartly and effectively, sometimes it’s better to make a smart and effective post, rather then a post that will crate a negitive inpression. 

The Social Media Game is an ongoing discussion topic, please drop us your comments and topic ideas.
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