This Is Freemasons – The Essential Tracks

Freemasons are an English Production & DJ duo. The act consists of the producers Russell Small. In 2005, the duo transformed Jackie Moore’s 1979 #1 track “This Time Baby” into an international club hit off Ultra records.

Freemasons also produced exclaimed remixes remixers for Faith Evans’ 2005 hit, “Mesmerized”. The Freemasons also remixed Beyoncé’s, “Déjà Vu” in 2006 which earned the duo a Grammy nomination. The Freemasons followed this up with further remixes of “Ring the Alarm”, “Beautiful Liar”. During the mid-early to mid, Two Thousand, the duo provided some of the most sophisticated production work in dance music.

This Is Freemasons – The Essential Tracks is a collection of the body of the duo’s work, this is great playlist to enjoy!  

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