Thoughts and reflections on the legendary David Mancuso from Dimitri from Paris:

“What really strikes me in David Mancuso’s life’s work is that he was more of a philosopher than a DJ. One that was using records, music, rather than words to get his vision through.
There was always a sense of purpose to what he was doing. He dedicated his life to making the concept of The Loft, a place where people of various life paths, could safely get together, congregating around the music he would orchestrate. It was not solely about entertaining people and sending them home happy. It was also about changing the way they’d feel about themselves, and those around them. It was about, sending love, healing through music. The highest sound fidelity he was striving for was providing a warm cocoon for his people.
The pause he would leave between each piece of music would leave time for people to reflect, on themselves, on the others around them. I believe he succeeded in his mission. People can let their guard down with music, whereas they’ll more likely stay impervious to words. We have a lot to learn from this. He used to say, and think, that “Love Saves The Day”, I think this motto is more than ever relevant, in the rougher every day, times we’re going through.”

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