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The early development of house music was guided beyond the clubs that spawned the sound, it was the fledgling new label of Trax Records that played a large role in bringing this new genre to the world. Trax is the official first House Music Label. In the early eighty’s Trax was the incubator for developing the new artist and a new sound.

The breakthrough came with the release of the collaborative efforts of Jamie Principle & Frankie Knuckles “Your Love” and Marshall Jefferson “Move Your Body” (Got To Have House) both quickly becoming anthems, with follow-ups from Larry Heard “Can You Feel It”(Let There Be House) & Adonis “No Way Back”.

If Detroit was home for Motown developing Diana Ross, Marvin Gay, and the many more of the 50/60’s, Trax Records played the role for House Music, in-which early house producers found there home, which include: Joe Smooth, Ralphie Rosario, Maurice Joshua, Robert Owens, Mr. Fingers and Ron Hardy.

Now Trax Record is swinging back into full action under the direction of
Rachael Cain aka Screaming Rachael, an early Trax Artist and influencing the movement into New York, now President of the label & owner. Cain has a new vision for Trax while firing up a new team, focusing on developing acts, sounds and with a new generation of music lovers. With history as a guide, innovation is sure to propel a new generation of legends from the house of Trax.


Screamin Rachael – One Day

The Queen of Chicago House Music “Screamin’ Rachael” Cain, is moving on with “One Day” providing a positive vibe and a moving message. Cain provides whimsical vocals, which float perfectly with the collective of production points of view. The EP has Seven different remixes, each with there unique fit and groove, ranging from Bass House to Tech House. We start off with Saladin Future Bass Mix.

Genre: Future Bass


GGS Project – The First Experiance

Italian producer Giuseppe Greco is the driving force behind the GGS Project, expanding his musical voice as a producer for the New Trax Records. “The First Experience” is deep soulful house jam, that is rich with traditional sounds and elements, with a fresh approach.

Genre: House


Fabio Salerni – Promises

Fabio Salerni, Rome based DJ and Producer, is never ordinary, Fabio prefers underground sounds, suitable for a demanding and quality-oriented dancefloor. When DJing, he makes of music selection and researches his secret weapons, always offering an innovative and modern sound that distinguishes Fabio in both the booth and the studio.

Genre: Tech House


Casio Boys – Motion Preacher

This house Duo formed in 2018 which led to the project known as Casio Boys. Allowing the duo to showcase their shared passion for house, funk, tech house, and disco. They debuted their first single “Love We Found” on Miami based Label/Collective Future Steps, which blended their taste for soulful vocals and lush chords. Now the Boys are set on kill with Trax Records with there debut of “Motion Preacher” an amazing house track!

Genre: Soulful House

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